2021 DNOW


Cost: $45.00 includes a t-shirt, Student Guide & Devotional, Food, Transportation and Room and Board

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ONE moment can define history. ONE decision can change a life. ONE person can start a movement. The power of one resounds through Scripture, and by studying ONE, your students will travel through the Word to discover a powerful message that God has for them: There is ONE God ONE way to Him ONE family united under His banner And ONE mission we've been entrusted with Students will encounter the capital-T truth: There is one God, the creator of the universe and of you and me, and there is no other. And the Bible is 100% clear on the subject: Jesus Himself says no one can come to the one, true God except through Him. And if we come to God through faith in Christ? We’re welcomed into one giant, awesome family of Believers. Want more great news? We’ve been given one main mission: go and make disciples of all nations!

Sunday Bible Study -  The Chosen Bible Studies, Season 1

We are using this series to learn about Jesus' life through the Gospels.  We will also be studying closely the relationship that Jesus makes, especially with the disciples.  

Wednesday Nights - Finding Truth, Francis Chan

5:30 dinner

6:30-7:45. Games, Prizes, Worship, and JESUS

Seek and you will find the TRUTH that you can hold on to and that can set you FREE!!!

Meet the new Youth Pastor & Family

Polly & I have been married for 13 years, we have 2 very active boys, JT, who is 12 and Mitchel who is 6.  I was ordained as a Deacon at Crabapple First Baptist Church and have served at Canton First Baptist for years.  My passion is Children's and Youth Ministry as well as seeing families grow together in their relationship with Jesus.  In addition to being an active Deacon, I served as Youth Pastor at Carrollton First Baptist and at Macedonia Baptist in Cary, NC.  I have participated in numerous other local ministry / international mission projects.  

The focus of our youth ministry is discipling students who will, in turn, impact their friends and families by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


For more information, email: youth@newvicbaptist.org

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